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Although Celtic Knot is a virtual business with no reception or interviewing facilities, we are easy to contact – with more options than a conventional business! Read on for more information about how to contact us in writing, by phone or face-to-face, or try the one-click buttons on the left:
Try the one-click buttons below (hover with the mouse for details):

…in writing

Our correspondence address is Celtic Knot, The Warehouse, 54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham B5 5TH. You can write to us and send us documents at our correspondence address in the usual way, but to save trees here are some alternatives:

  • Email to celtic-knot@phonecoop.coop. You can send attachments up to 10MB in size.
  • Fax to 0121 285 8687. We will receive an image file of what you fax us, and you will have saved on photocopying
  • Use our web contact form, if you are online, but do not have easy access to email facilities.
  • Use the Federation of Small Business’ web contact form. (This comes straight back to us at Celtic Knot)
  • Send messages or files via SkypeTM ( www.skype.com) to celtic-knot.

…by phone

Our telephone number is 0121 286 8785. We are too small for a dedicated receptionist, and we try to answer your calls personally. You can pretend our telephone is a conventional phone if you like, and use it in the usual way, but because it actually uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol), here are some alternatives:

  • Install SkypeTM on your computer and call us for free.
  • If you are invited to leave us a message, this can be accessed from any computer and some mobile phones - we don't need to wait until we get back to the office to retrieve messages!
  • We can arrange conference calls with several people at once.
  • If you cannot get through for any reason, we also have a voicemail only number 0121 314 2006. Voicemail messages are immediately forwarded to us electronically.



We do not have a receptionist or interviewing facilities in our offices, so please do not call in. We save on office overheads, you save on fees!

  • We can come to you.
  • We can meet at any mutually convenient public or private venue.
  • We can arrange a video conference.

Please contact us for further information.

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Use our web contact form

Email us from your computer

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Allan Norman is a Social Worker registered with the Health & Care Professions Council  Celtic Knot aims to be a sustainable virtual business